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LLC North Kuzbass Oil embarks on a daily environmental monitoring

An independent daily monitoring of ambient air at the boundary of a sanitary protection area has been started by specialists of the refinery ecology laboratory. Before August 2019 according to standards it was allowed to maintain ecological control in cooperation with the accredited labs only at a southeaster blowing.

“The environmental monitoring system is under constant development in our company, so in the end of July 2019 for the purposes of its enhancement a decision was made by leadership to organize a daily ambient air monitoring by means of a refinery central laboratory”, noted Alexandra Miytina, the head of Environmental Safety Department of LLC North Kuzbass Oil.

Apart from periodicity the refinery specialists have expanded a list of monitored potential pollutants as well as have chosen a relevant chemical analysis equipment and methodology.

LLC North Kuzbass Oil is an ecologically responsible company. According to protocol data all the samples taken in 2019 are compliant with the hygienic standards. Also, the special refinery eco office will readily inform on the environmental monitoring results.