Occupational Safety

The company occupational safety management system is being permanently improved. The company management has developed the Hazard Identification, Evaluation and Management Regulations which are one of the elements of successful management of occupational hazards which may affect the life and health of the company employees. The company occupational safety management system includes the occupational safety policy established on the basis of the governmental occupational safety policy in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. Learn more

In May 2015, the Society with Limited Liability “Oil Refining Plant” (LLC North Kuzbass Oil) came in second among the companies of the city of Tyumen and the Tyumen Region in the nomination “Production Companies with 500 Employees and More”, in connection with the participation in the all-Russian contest for the best occupational environment and safety “SUCCESS AND SAFETY 2014”. Total 375 companies took place in this nomination.

From May to June 2015, the oil refinery was inspected (field inspection) by the Tyumen Regional Labour InspectorateNo deviations from the occupational safety requirements were found.

For the purpose of preparation for licensing and further training of the company executives and specialists, the company management has developed and approved the Occupational Safety Programme of Training and Tests of the Company Executives and Specialists and the Programme of Training on Safe Working at Heights and the relevant examination questions.

The occupational safety service plans to conduct an introductory occupational safety briefing for the new employees.

In 2015, the programme of special evaluation of the occupational safety of 399 jobsites was started and it was completed in 1Q 2016.

The occupational safety information is regularly updated and posted on the special stands.

Besides, the occupational safety and administration commission operates at the Council of Employees. In 2015, the commission consists of the head of the department, industrial and occupational safety engineer, job safety officer and the chairman of the commission.

The prime objective of the commission is to inspect the occupational safety conditions in the company organisational units every month. During this year, the commission performed 12 scheduled inspections, mainly, of the rooms for shift personnel and canteens. Besides, the commission performed unscheduled inspections of the correction actions and inspections at the requests of the employees.

Following the results of the year, no violations of the occupational safety and sanitary regulations were identified; it was recommended to the heads of the departments to remove the insignificant non-compliances.