Quality Management System

BP Shell 

Our mission

is to manufacture and supply high-quality petroleum products meeting international standards and the requirements of our consumers both within and outside the Russian Federation.


Our strategic goal

is to manufacture high-quality and competitive products meeting national and international requirements, consumer requirements by implementing cutting-edge technologies and introducing state-of-the art equipment while ensuring our employees’ occupational safety and environmental protection.

Our Quality Policy is focused on:

  • continuously improving and enhancing the efficiency of the quality management system as part of the integrated management system;
  • improving/maintaining the quality of manufactured products to meet consumer and regulatory documentation requirements;
  • efficient use of material, natural and energy resources;
  • ensuring the development of employee competence in quality management through training and information;
  • building and developing the Company’s infrastructure;
  • maintaining ongoing relations with consumers to improve mutually beneficial cooperation and enhance the Company’s image.