The Council of Employees

The Council of Employees is an elected permanent independent representative body of the employees of Society with Limited Liability “Oil Refining Plant” (LLC North Kuzbass Oil). The Council was formed on the initiative of the employees of the oil refinery in 2007. The Council operates free of charge.

The main purpose of the Council establishment is organization and actualization of social partnership in the sphere of labor in Society with Limited Liability “Oil Refining Plant” (LLC North Kuzbass Oil).

In accordance with the main purpose, the Council main tasks have been determined:

  • participation in settlement of labor disputes both with the employer and inside the collective;
  • inspection of the state and organization of the safety of labor, life, and health of the enterprise employees;
  • monitoring of the officers’ compliance with industrial safety requirements;
  • interaction with the employer on issues of labor remuneration, material and non-material stimulation;
  • support labor and executive discipline of strengthening;
  • conducting collective negotiations on behalf of the enterprise employees;
  • elaboration of organizational, economic and social measures for stimulating the employee’s creative initiative aimed at development and implementation of scientific and technical and social and economic innovations in the enterprise activities;
  • organization and holding mass cultural and sports events;
  • study of employees’ needs and interests;
  • measures aimed at formation of a constructive atmosphere of interaction and collaboration inside the labor collective and its separate structural divisions.

To fulfill the set tasks, the Council is given the following authorities:

  • representation, in relations with the employer, of the employees’ interests in matters of organization, protection, remuneration, material and non-material stimulation of labor, protection of employee’s legal interests in labor disputes;
  • making suggestions and participation in mutual consultations with the employer on issues of elaboration of local normative acts, plans for the enterprise social and economic development;
  • participation in the work of the commissions for labor safety, sanitary norms observation, workplace assessment;
  • participation and acting as an intermediary in the enterprise relations with public organizations representing employees’ interests for the purpose of constructive interaction and creation of a normal moral and psychological climate in the work collective;
  • participation in discussion of matters of material and technical support and provision of equipment for technological process and work premises;
  • implementation of measures for employees’ creative initiative stimulation;
  • control over granting benefits and compensations pursuant to the applicable law and the Collective Agreement.

Currently, the Council consists of 21 members and five commissions: labour safety and social-administration commission, labour dispute resolution commission, sporting events commission, соmmission for Youth and cultural events commission. The above commissions consider the issues related to the labour and leisure of the company employees